About Me

Greetings! I am a first-year PhD student from the Language Technology Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. I am very fortunate to be advised by Prof. Yonatan Bisk. I received my Bachelor's degree in Computer Science & Mathematics with first class honors from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

Research Keywords: Natural Language Processing, Reasoning, Compositionality, Multimodal Knowledge Aggregation

Key to my research goal is answering the following questions:
  1. How to endow machines with reusable skills that can be compositionally built up to achieve systematic generalization?
  2. What appropriate roles can language play in the first question, drawing inspiration from how humans use language as a medium to:
    • Acquire knowledge (language as instruction, human-->computer);
    • Externalize thoughts (language as explanation, computer-->human);
    • Exchange information (language as communication, computer-->computer).
✨ I'm actively looking for the summer 2023 internships. I'm interested in mechanistic interpretability of how neural networks perform multimodal reasoning/grounding. (Keywords: Transformer circuits, how composing circuits develop, multimodal neurons, modality gap) ✨



Mar 28, 2022 My 1st paper has been selected for an ORAL presentation at CVPR2022!
Dec 10, 2021 WebQA Winners Announced!
Congratulations to all our participants and special cheers to the winners!
Dec 7, 2021 WebQA NeurIPS2021 Challenge! Talk & Breakout
Sep 16, 2021 WebQA Dataset & Leaderboard are live!


Efficient Visual Grounding via Patch Affinities

Advised by Prof. Yonatan Bisk  


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WebQA: Multihop and Multimodal QA

Advised by Prof. Yonatan Bisk  

2020 - 2022

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Low-Light Video Enhancement Using Deep Learning

Advised by Prof. Qifeng Chen  

2019 - 2020

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Event-to-Sentence Using BERT in Automated Story Generation

Advised by Prof. Mark Riedl  

Summer 2019

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A Blockchain and Smart Contract Application

Advised by Prof. Shing-Chi Cheung  

Fall 2018

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Selected Course Projects


CMU 85707  Spring 2022

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CMU 11823  Spring 2022

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CMU 11724  Fall 2021

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Internet Computing

HKUST COMP4021  Fall 2019

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Machine Learning

Georgia Tech CS4641  Spring 2019

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Information Visualization

Georgia Tech CS4460  Spring 2019

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Language Modelling

HKUST COMP4901K  Fall 2018

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Customer Revenue Prediction with Spark

HKUST COMP4651  Fall 2018

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Carnegie Mellon University

PhD in Language Technologies  2022 -

Carnegie Mellon University

MS in Language Technologies  2020 - 2022

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

BS in Computer Science & Mathematics  2016 - 2020

Georgia Institute of Technology

Exchange  Spring 2019

Peking University

AEARU Summer Camp  Summer 2018


Carnegie Mellon University Research Fellowship   2020 - 2022
Academic Achievement Medal   Hong Kong University of Science and Technology 2020
Bachelor Degree First Class Honor   Hong Kong University of Science and Technology 2020
Dean’s List   Hong Kong University of Science and Technology2016 - 2020
University’s Scholarship Scheme for Continuing Undergraduate Students   2016-2019
The Cheng Foundation Scholarships for Chinese Mainland Undergraduate Students  2018 - 2019
The Hong Kong Electric Co.Ltd. Scholarship  2017 - 2018
Mingxi Youth Award Scheme  2017 - 2018


Community Services

Date Activity & Organizer Duration
Apr 2018  Volunteering @Fung Yuen Butterfly Reserve - Tai Po Environment Association 5 hrs
Jan 2018  Teaching & Community Project, Galle - Sri Lanka Diriya Sahana Foundation 30 hrs
Nov 2017  Volunteering @Peak to Fong - Hong Kong Dog Rescue 4.5 hrs
Nov 2017  HKUST Bread Run - Feeding Hong Kong 3 hrs
Sep 2017  Blood Donation Promotion Campaign - Hong Kong Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service 3 hrs
Sep 2017  Playright Game Day - Playright Children’s Play Association 7 hrs
Apr 2017 The Salvation Army Flag Day - The Salvation Army 3 hrs